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An oasis of beautiful Nails, relaxation and ultimate pampering.

An oasis of beautiful Nails, relaxation and ultimate pampering.

An oasis of beautiful Nails, relaxation and ultimate pampering.An oasis of beautiful Nails, relaxation and ultimate pampering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a basic manicure or pedicure last?

A basic manicure or pedicure will last one to two weeks, depending on your lifestyle and the type of service you've had. If, for example, you work in the garden without gloves, your manicure probably won't last long. Artificial nail services, such as acrylics, tips, wraps and gels maintain their fresh appearance much longer as they are more durable.

What is the difference between gel nails and acrylic nails?

Gels and acrylics nails are similar because both can be used to extend the length of the nails and make them stronger and beautiful. One advantage of gels nails is that they are odorless like acrylic. Gels can also be applied over the natural nail or over artificial nail tips.

What is a Pink and White nail service?

Pink and White refers to the use of two colors of acrylic applied to the nails to produce more permanent and natural-looking French manicure look. The tips of the nails are sculpted using white acrylic, and the base of the nail is then overlaid with warm or cool pink, depending on skin tone.

How often are artificial nail need to be maintained?

Every two weeks your nail technician will fill in the area near the cuticle between where the natural nail has grown and where the artificial nail or tip is attached. This fill includes smoothing, re-sanitizing and re-applying the acrylic where it has naturally grown out.

How long will it take for my nails to return to normal after removing my acrylics?

If your natural nails were filed properly in the beginning, and if you've been maintaining your artificial nails with regular visits to the salon, your nails will be in good condition after the acrylic nail is removed. Be sure to use some strengthener treatment for your natural nails, condition your cuticles with specialized Oil and have regular manicures to maintain healthy growth.

Why doesn't my polish stay on?

There can be many reasons. Some polish is just of poor quality and doesn't last. Also, oils on the nail will cause the polish to peel so make sure the nails are clean and dry before application. Always rinse your hands thoroughly after using polish remover. Hand lotion, cuticle creams and some sunscreen lotions may also be the culprit.

How is Shellac/Gel different from the traditional polish manicure?

Typical nail polish dries by evaporation, which means your manicure is not cured until 2-3 hours after your service.  Think about it - most of your manicure time is spent waiting for polish to dry. But Shellac is cured by UV light, and within minutes.  Your nails are completely dry by the time your manicure is over, and strong enough to withstand accidental knocks.  It acts like a plasticized coating, suitable as a long lasting polish.

The key to keeping your Shellac manicures looking awesome beyond two weeks is moisturizer and cuticle maintenance.<

  • Protect hands as much as possible - wear gloves when washing up, gardening, decorating or carrying out any activity involving harsh objects/chemicals.
  • Be sure to wipe off sun tan lotion from the surface of your Shellac nails when finished applying. This will ensure chipped and lifted free of your Shellac nails.
  • Regular use of SolarOil to maintaining good nails and cuticles. SolarOil contains natural ingredients, including Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.
  • It's best used at least once a day or more. Dab or brush a little onto each cuticle and massage in small circles with the pad of your thumb. This pushes the oil into the skin and the nail benefits from the massage as it stimulates the nail matrix, encouraging healthy nail growth.